Say Good-Bye to Children's Allergies

Say Good-Bye to Children's Allergies


Language: English


Say Good-Bye to Children’s Allergies
Devi S. Nambudripad, D.C., L.Ac., R.N., Ph.D
Paperback-1st Edition, 2001; 2nd Edition, 2009
350 pages
ISBN: ISBN: 0-9658242-8-4

In Say Good-Bye to Children’s Allergies, Dr Nambudripad, will help you to understand your child’s illness and will assist you in finding the right help to achieve better health for your child. This book will show you how certain commonly used products in food and the environment can cause health problems in your child.  The book also explains how you can test your child in your privacy of your home using the Nambudripad’s Testing Techniques described in the book.


Say Good-Bye to Children’s Allergies will educate you on how your child’s health problems can relate to allergens, a traditionally under-diagnosed or misdiagnosed condition, and how allergens can manifest into a myriad of symptoms that might seem unrelated. Dr Nambudripad also provides remedies for mild conditions of common childhood ailments arising from allergies and how to find help in assisting your child find the right help for serious problems such as, asthma, hay-fever, common colds, sinus problems, milk allergy, peanut allergy, sugar allergy, hives, gastritis, vomiting, colic for newborns, ear infections, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, bronchitis, drug reactions, and many other conditions. Dr Nambudripad explains how allergies are often the underlying causes to paediatric problems.